About Me


Let me introduce myself *ala Tiffany I got a boy*

My Name is Vian Khasanah.

Just Call me Vian, or Vin… 😀

My full name? Avian Rohimatul Khasanah… kkk~

I was born on 06 August 1997  *97line*

I’m still 11th grade student… >///<

My Favorite…

DBSK as all my everything, my dreams, my hopes, and my husbands… #plakk

But, really. Who doesn’t want to have a husband like one of DBSK’s member? I’m YunJae Shipper so damn much. If you don’t like anything about such the things, please leave my wordpress. My everything is Jaejoong. He has become my bias since a long ago. Perfect and… honestly, beautiful, I don’t know how can be there a human as perfect as Jaejoong? He surely isn’t a human. I always think that he’s on of manga character who is dragged out from it. But, however, I still believe that he is MORE than a normal human.

My Hobbies… Reading, Creating FanFiction, Listening Music, Dancing, And Sleeping, and Sleeping and Sleeping…

You could contact me..

E-mail    : avian.elf16@gmail.com

Gamsahamnidaaa….. ^^


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